Thursday, November 12, 2009

Google unveils “Go” – New Programming Language

Google – One of my favorite technology company has yet again released a breaking product - “Go” a new experimental programming language to the open source community.

‘Go’ is an attempt by the Google to mix the web-friendly attributes of scripting languages like Python with the performance and security benefits of compiled languages like C++.

Work on Go was started two years ago. Team members include industry heavyweights Ken Thompson and Rob Pike, two of the creators of the Unix operating system, and Robert Thompson, who developed the Java HotSpot compiler.

As per Google - Go is intended to be a systems programming language for building software such as web servers and databases. Its concurrent programming model is optimised for multi-processing and multi-core-based machines.

Few lines from Google Blogs

"Here at Google, we believe programming should be fast, productive, and most importantly, fun. That's why we're excited to open source an experimental new language called Go," read the blog.

"Typical builds feel instantaneous; even large binaries compile in just a few seconds. And the compiled code runs close to the speed of C. Go lets you move fast."

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