Friday, July 31, 2009

July, that went by…

Its been almost a month I wrote something here. Let me start by welcoming the new follower of the blog - Ruaim Rabbie.

It has been a very busy month. Specially from the work front with lot of org changes, management visits, travel, performance appraisals. On the personal front – Elections in our area, family functions and more…. Woooffff, that’s a lot of stuff to handle in 30 days, maybe that's why they made 1 day extra for this month and made July as 31days. :)  And some of these things that kept me busy are still running and being carried forward to next month. Didn’t realize how fast this month went by.

The only refreshing things in the month were - the little rains, the interesting travels, few hours spend at CF and the good way to end a month - some monetary benefits that came in yesterday :) (no I'm not talking about salary here)

A new month is going to start tomorrow and I will be still running busy, got a lot of stuff on my plate from the work front. Expecting August to bring in some good news…

Have a great weekend…

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank You Friends…

Hi Friends – Its glad to see the visitor count increase on the blog and the same with the followers counts. I would like to welcome the new followers:

Sarah Fairy, Andy48, Sriram, Wholesaler, Chiranan and Nicolas


I would also like to personally thank my friends “Rijas, Pradeep, Anupam, Ankit” for being the initial followers to the blog.  I wanna thank all of you and those unknown visitors for following the blog and I hope I can give you more dreams that you will enjoy reading.

Its been a while that I have penned down some dreams. One of the main reason is our busy lives.. Sometimes life takes priority or pushes us to give it priority :) That's what it did to me – pushed me - I had been sick almost from a week. In addition to this coincidently my dreamer has also been busy. I hardly get time to talk to my wonderful dreamer… :) That’s again called life pushing itself to priority…

Well what I’m going to say now might sound strange – When I started writing these dreams, ‘I never used to dream' at least not in sleep :) Well some of you might wonder, how can I write dreams when I don't dream myself. Hmm, the answer likes in the disclaimer of all my dreams - ‘They are not my personal dreams...’

Things have changed a lot now – Yes, I have been dreaming.. But I’m not as good as my dreamer that I remember all of those… I’m trying hard to remember them, and its working too.. So hopefully soon I might share some of my personal dreams too. Till then enjoy the dreams of this very special person… :) I’m waiting to talk to my dreamer soon to get some new dreams… Wish me luck :)

Have a great weekend…

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dreams Unlimited – Michael Jackson Dance

Dream 21 – Michael Jackson Dance

Today I dreamt that I have joined a dance class and my instructor is trying to teach me MJ (Ya, THE Michael Jackson) moves. I find it too difficult to learn… Then a black wave, like in the sea come, but it’s wave of smoke… My teacher was sinking into the smoke and he vanished.

Then I see real MJ emerge from the smoke, but I can see just his face, nothing else. He was doing some steps from this dance. I wanted to dance like him, but the smoke is too dark that he could see me. Then he also vanished in the smoke.

Then I see a shadow again, and it forms the shape of my uncle. He was dancing the MJ dance. I was freaked out. I scolded him - “Don’t dance like MJ”. He told – OK and he is also gone. But later I see him dancing again MJ moves. Then I try to learn from him. He told me - “If I’m not serious about dance, i will never learn it”. I said ok, I will be serious.

Then a desk with a cake on it emerge in front of us. I asked – “Where are the candles ?”,  then one finger comes out from the cake. I wanted to beat the finger, but my uncle said – Don’t beat… Just burn it. Then we lit the finger and sing the song - “Happy Birthday to you….” its only me and my uncle but when we sing it, the voice sounds like lot of people are singing with us… high voice, low voice… like a chorus…

Then I ate the cake. But it was not very tasty, just too sweet, too much sugar. I didn't eat the cake at all, I just licked the cream and butter. Then I said to my uncle – its better to just dance. My uncle asked in a surprise tone - “What Dance ..?? what you talking about? “ as if he don't remember anything that happened before….

And the dream ends….!!!

Michael Jackson – Rest In Peace.. The world will miss you…

Feel free to post your constructive comments. Watch out for more - Everyday New real dreams..... :)

Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me.