Friday, July 31, 2009

July, that went by…

Its been almost a month I wrote something here. Let me start by welcoming the new follower of the blog - Ruaim Rabbie.

It has been a very busy month. Specially from the work front with lot of org changes, management visits, travel, performance appraisals. On the personal front – Elections in our area, family functions and more…. Woooffff, that’s a lot of stuff to handle in 30 days, maybe that's why they made 1 day extra for this month and made July as 31days. :)  And some of these things that kept me busy are still running and being carried forward to next month. Didn’t realize how fast this month went by.

The only refreshing things in the month were - the little rains, the interesting travels, few hours spend at CF and the good way to end a month - some monetary benefits that came in yesterday :) (no I'm not talking about salary here)

A new month is going to start tomorrow and I will be still running busy, got a lot of stuff on my plate from the work front. Expecting August to bring in some good news…

Have a great weekend…

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Anonymous said...

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