Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank You Friends…

Hi Friends – Its glad to see the visitor count increase on the blog and the same with the followers counts. I would like to welcome the new followers:

Sarah Fairy, Andy48, Sriram, Wholesaler, Chiranan and Nicolas


I would also like to personally thank my friends “Rijas, Pradeep, Anupam, Ankit” for being the initial followers to the blog.  I wanna thank all of you and those unknown visitors for following the blog and I hope I can give you more dreams that you will enjoy reading.

Its been a while that I have penned down some dreams. One of the main reason is our busy lives.. Sometimes life takes priority or pushes us to give it priority :) That's what it did to me – pushed me - I had been sick almost from a week. In addition to this coincidently my dreamer has also been busy. I hardly get time to talk to my wonderful dreamer… :) That’s again called life pushing itself to priority…

Well what I’m going to say now might sound strange – When I started writing these dreams, ‘I never used to dream' at least not in sleep :) Well some of you might wonder, how can I write dreams when I don't dream myself. Hmm, the answer likes in the disclaimer of all my dreams - ‘They are not my personal dreams...’

Things have changed a lot now – Yes, I have been dreaming.. But I’m not as good as my dreamer that I remember all of those… I’m trying hard to remember them, and its working too.. So hopefully soon I might share some of my personal dreams too. Till then enjoy the dreams of this very special person… :) I’m waiting to talk to my dreamer soon to get some new dreams… Wish me luck :)

Have a great weekend…

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