Monday, June 30, 2008

Exteremly Busy @ Work

Hi Friends
I wont be online for couple of days, as I'm extremely busy with my work.
I might login at times for few mins, if I get any free time.

Till then bye.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Forum Launched for Camfrog_India_Room

Forum Launched for Camfrog_India_Room

Forum is Available at -->

Visit the forum and feel free to register.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Party Time...!!

Yesterday went to an Italian restaurant in Bangalore called 'Sunnys'. This is located on the vittal mallya road, bang opposite to the Canara bank and next to a petrol bunk (i guess Indian Oil).

As it was a thrusday night we didnt except much crowd and missed to do reservation and believe me folks, once we reach there it was jam packed. But I managed to get a table.

The restaurant has a pretty good ambiance and nice food and drinks. I ended up having couple of Whiskey rounds and some calamari rings. Then moved to some green salad and a nice fillet Steak. Dammnn that was too yummy..!!!

Guess what now.. Even today I'm going out for party , this time to a far away place, approx 1hrs drive. I will be leaving in couple of mins from now and return back only in the night.. Considering its just going to be 1:00pm, that would loong party to look forward..

See u guys in the room in the night :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FAQ: How to play music

Hi Friends,

Most of you ask me or others in the room on how to play Music in the room.
The best and the recommended way to play music in the room is "NOT via your mic" but via your "Stereo mix". I have tired to put up a small video that could help you enable your Stereo mix on your machine

Visit this links -->>

For Win2K/XP :

For Vista :

Hope this helps. Please write a comment to this post and let me know if it helped resolve your problem.

Happy DJing...!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whats going on....

Hmmm.... My last post was on Saturday 7-Jun. Its been 3days I did not write anything here.
What could be the reason? Nothing new to write ? Or too many new things to write. Or new things are too personal to write here ? eh..!

Well, as you all know things are going on pretty much smooth. Very soon we might have a small surprise for all our friends. Thanks to one of our friend who is working towards it. Don't ask me the name of the person, I wont tell unless surprise is all ready. Keep guessing, eh...

What has been keeping us busy... [Of course the job that pays us pay cheque ;) ]
Well apart from that, we have been thinking on how to make the room a better place to be. We currently are the most used room under the General Category of 'India and Pakistan'. To continue doing this we will need to invite and get in all our friends here.

I'm sure all will agree that the more people we have the better fun it is and more chance for good friends to be Operators, as we will need them to manage the room. So go ahead invite your friends.

We are also working on creating a forum for the room.

What is a Forum ?
-A forum is public space for open discussion of various topics. The main objective is to provide an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on any given topic of their choice.

If my definition didn't help you understand what a forum is, don't bother much , just join it once we make it live. You will slowly understand and get used to it in few days.

I'm currently working on the same, we have couple of things setup for the forum. Once operational, I feel we will have common place to share info amongst all our room friends. The best part is we can share info even when friends are offline and everyone can read it once they are online in the forum. The info discussed there can be tracked back as it all gets saved on the forum server and will be open to all forum members read at any time.

Hmmm... thats a long post.. maybe I will leave somethings for tomorrow. :)

Till then Friends - 'Jashn Mana Le'


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Upcoming Events

Hi Friends
We will be having the following upcoming events

(a) Owners ONLY meeting : Date/Time : TBD*, Venue: CIR_Meeting_Room
Owners/Ops meeting - Date/Time : TBD*, Venue: CIR_Meeting_Room

Please think and keep all your points of discussion ready.

*TBD - To be decided

Camfrog_India_Room is UP

Hi Friends - Its almost 3:00 am while I write this. The friday night long hours of work have paid and finally the Camfrog_India_Room is back online with Trivia :)

We expect this to be stable. In case of any issues with this room and its taken down anytime, the backup room India_Room will be available for friends to enjoy.

Thanks for all the patience and support shown by most of the members while we were running thru tough times. I'm lucky to have such a great group of friends.

'Jashn Mana Le'

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Updates

Hi Friends....!!
What did we do yesterday.. hmm actually nothing.... Bcos i got too busy.

We have few friends who have come forward to help us support the room. Thanks to all those members (you know who you are :) ) If the support continues, we will soon have BOT in the room and also a better bandwidth.

So as promise we (me and rajmblr) are currently working on some new camfrog servers improvements.....
We plan to spend our today's entire night on this..!! Hopefully we will have some internal issues fixed.

'Jashn Mana Le'

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today as a Day

Today was a busy day for me at work. Had too many meetings and had to work on a yearly report for one of the product lines. Have to do similar report for other product lines in coming days, so this 'might' get me busy. Still in that busy time, I took few minutes to update my picture in the blog :). If you have missed seeing it, look bottom right side of this screen under 'About Me' :) lol.

Now coming to Camfrog -
Today was a fun day at camfrog. ;) Camfrog was shuffling up a lot during the entire day.
Once back from work, I started some testing on fixing a personal issue I'm facing with our camfrog room. Still no solutions.

We had 1-2 friends who have shown interest in helping us to get higher bandwidth. Our plan is to estimate total monthly support we could get and if that is sufficient or more than the amount required to get an additional bandwidth, only then we would start the actual process of collecting/accepting the support.

So if you have plans to support feel free to IM me or rajmblr, or you can leave us a comment on this blog too.

We have some Camfrog weekend plans coming up... Will post it in the next blog.

Till then 'Jashn Mana Le'...!!

Camfrog - India Room - Update 2

Hi Friends
Finally we made some more progress. After coming back from work rajmblr was able to do some settings which enabled multimedia on the hosting network. This is a great progress.

The issues now we face are resource constraints, currently the biggest constraint we have is the bandwidth. I'm sure most of you have noticed the lagging issues at times in the room , this is due to the limited bandwidth issues.

Higher bandwidths are available at extra costs and currently all costs are being borne by myself and rajmblr. Currently acquiring additional bandwidth is slightly tough for us. Any help from the friends are welcome to improve the bandwidths.

So in all, I would say we have completed around 80% of the tasks towards bringing up the backup room (India_Room)

This room might still face small glitches like it 'going down/offline'. Considering our work schedules we will ensure that the downtime is not more than 4hours at any given point of time.

Geezzzzz its 2:00am now.... I should consider getting some sleep now I guess, can't skip work tomorrow :)

Hope to see u all...!! Enjoy to room and feel free to leave feedback or comments...!!!

Room Rules

The rules of the new backup room (India_Room) is almost same as the main room (Camfrog_India_Room)

1. ** RESPECT ALL **
2. We play music and also allow people to talk.
3. No asking color -- NO DRAMA
4. For safety reasons, No posting URL Links/Email ID's/ Phone # in room. Do it in IM.
5. No discussing/exchanging of other chat ID's in room.
6. Remember Rule # 1


Violation Punishment Policy:
ONE Warning ->One Kick ->One Hour Ban -> Permanent Ban

Above policy will be used at the discretion of the Owner/Operators.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colors available....

Some Good news friends....!!!

-We now have the colors available in room.
-Mic is available for unlimited time.

Keep visiting the new room --> INDIA_ROOM

See you all there.....

Camfrog - India Room

As most of you know, the main room Camfrog_India_Room is down from 2 days. The hosting servers have ran into some hardware issues and we are expecting a delay in it coming up.

In the meanwhile myself and Rajmblr are working towards getting a backup room (INDIA_ROOM) up and running so that all our friends can stay united and don't feel homeless(as most of you told me in IM) :) Its truely the concern and great love for the room from each one of the friends in the room that motivated us to come up with this. So thanks for being our motivation :)

It definately was not an easy task with the amount of constraints we had in terms of (all) resources. We are working to fix this camfrog server issues for the Camfrog's India_Room.

We found out some tricks last night in dreams while I slept for sometime.
Rajmblr has given a lot of steps to take it forward and today I skipped my office to do some testing on this fusion idea we discussed today morning.
Rajmblr being a good employee did not skip work and went to office to work hard :)

But still most of the day Rajmblr and me were discussing items over the phone and IM's and finally we got our stuff working to an extend.

If I had to measure our % completion of the task I would say , we have succeeded in almost 70% of the setup and now things are running quite ok for the external users. We are still facing issues with enabling multimedia effect on the hosting network.

Hope we will succeed soon...... if not we will keep trying till we succeed ...;)