Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today as a Day

Today was a busy day for me at work. Had too many meetings and had to work on a yearly report for one of the product lines. Have to do similar report for other product lines in coming days, so this 'might' get me busy. Still in that busy time, I took few minutes to update my picture in the blog :). If you have missed seeing it, look bottom right side of this screen under 'About Me' :) lol.

Now coming to Camfrog -
Today was a fun day at camfrog. ;) Camfrog was shuffling up a lot during the entire day.
Once back from work, I started some testing on fixing a personal issue I'm facing with our camfrog room. Still no solutions.

We had 1-2 friends who have shown interest in helping us to get higher bandwidth. Our plan is to estimate total monthly support we could get and if that is sufficient or more than the amount required to get an additional bandwidth, only then we would start the actual process of collecting/accepting the support.

So if you have plans to support feel free to IM me or rajmblr, or you can leave us a comment on this blog too.

We have some Camfrog weekend plans coming up... Will post it in the next blog.

Till then 'Jashn Mana Le'...!!


MUQADDAS said...

hello rudy and raj broo i am Muuqaddas now i feilling bad when i read this soon i am coming back soon and try to sand u some money u as much as i can broo u know i am hosepetel so i will try my best by broo dont worry.every thing is alright.

Rudy said...

Thanks bro. Get well soon and come back fassssssstt :)