Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whats going on....

Hmmm.... My last post was on Saturday 7-Jun. Its been 3days I did not write anything here.
What could be the reason? Nothing new to write ? Or too many new things to write. Or new things are too personal to write here ? eh..!

Well, as you all know things are going on pretty much smooth. Very soon we might have a small surprise for all our friends. Thanks to one of our friend who is working towards it. Don't ask me the name of the person, I wont tell unless surprise is all ready. Keep guessing, eh...

What has been keeping us busy... [Of course the job that pays us pay cheque ;) ]
Well apart from that, we have been thinking on how to make the room a better place to be. We currently are the most used room under the General Category of 'India and Pakistan'. To continue doing this we will need to invite and get in all our friends here.

I'm sure all will agree that the more people we have the better fun it is and more chance for good friends to be Operators, as we will need them to manage the room. So go ahead invite your friends.

We are also working on creating a forum for the room.

What is a Forum ?
-A forum is public space for open discussion of various topics. The main objective is to provide an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on any given topic of their choice.

If my definition didn't help you understand what a forum is, don't bother much , just join it once we make it live. You will slowly understand and get used to it in few days.

I'm currently working on the same, we have couple of things setup for the forum. Once operational, I feel we will have common place to share info amongst all our room friends. The best part is we can share info even when friends are offline and everyone can read it once they are online in the forum. The info discussed there can be tracked back as it all gets saved on the forum server and will be open to all forum members read at any time.

Hmmm... thats a long post.. maybe I will leave somethings for tomorrow. :)

Till then Friends - 'Jashn Mana Le'


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