Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camfrog - India Room - Update 2

Hi Friends
Finally we made some more progress. After coming back from work rajmblr was able to do some settings which enabled multimedia on the hosting network. This is a great progress.

The issues now we face are resource constraints, currently the biggest constraint we have is the bandwidth. I'm sure most of you have noticed the lagging issues at times in the room , this is due to the limited bandwidth issues.

Higher bandwidths are available at extra costs and currently all costs are being borne by myself and rajmblr. Currently acquiring additional bandwidth is slightly tough for us. Any help from the friends are welcome to improve the bandwidths.

So in all, I would say we have completed around 80% of the tasks towards bringing up the backup room (India_Room)

This room might still face small glitches like it 'going down/offline'. Considering our work schedules we will ensure that the downtime is not more than 4hours at any given point of time.

Geezzzzz its 2:00am now.... I should consider getting some sleep now I guess, can't skip work tomorrow :)

Hope to see u all...!! Enjoy to room and feel free to leave feedback or comments...!!!


moza666 said...

wen can we get amca's sponsorship...yacht?? so i can 'gradually sharpen'...;$

Rudy said...

Yes we can try ..!! you have to sharpen gradually :) Cam minister :)