Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dreams Unlimited - A Horse Ride

Dream 23 – A Horse Ride

I dreamt that - I was riding a horse, but I was so afraid because I don’t know how to ride a horse, but that horse was a smart one. It never made me fall. 

While riding I took a baby from the street and hold it with me because some people were hurting her. Then after few hops I took a woman too. Due to this lot of  people were chasing me. I see some soldiers chasing me.... but they are creepy, they are the ancient time soldiers, they looked like they are from some dynasty.

The horse took me to a small community and we lived there. I notice - The baby grew a lot when we arrive there and become a little girl (strange baby huh…). We lived in a small house in the community. There were some soldiers living at downstairs. These soldiers were friendly.

Then I find something green in our house...I don't know what it is but… something green and  someone told the soldier that we got green thing in the house.  They are so angry, and  said - “we are all going to be killed, because green is sin..” Their dynasty hated green things. And I started running again…..

On the way suddenly the same smart horse appeared and told me to climb on him. The horse started taking us (me and the little girl, I don't know where did the woman I picked up vanished). Now the horse took us to a another community – I see a lot of people gathered at the entrance with garlands and some fruits/food. One very old looking guy came to greet us, as if he was expecting us…. I felt strange… 

He introduced himself as the head of this community. He took me around the community and showed the houses – it was all simple houses made of wood, but looking very beautiful, because all people around there was happy and cheerful. I asked him - “Is green sin here ?”  He gave me a strange look and said – what green, what sin...  What you talking about? I said – Nevermind and we moved on..

Then he took us to a house and told this is a special house and we present this house to you. To me it looked similar to all other houses. So I asked the old man – What is special about this house. He says - “This is the only house with a door bell and a lock…”

I was surprised to see a community where people didn't use doorbell and locks.. thinking this I entered the house and lay on the soft bed… and after sometime I hear the door bell ringing.. I was too tired from riding so long on the house… I did not wanted to get up…. But it kept ringing louder and louder and louder….. and it broke my sleep (the real sleep and my dream….)

And my dream ends…

When I woke up into real world – My Door Bell was really ringing… What surprised me more was when I opened the door – I see an old man looking similar face, like the one I saw in dream standing at my door (but he was wearing pants/shirt unlike the one in dream who wore an ancient dress….). He wanted to ask me directions to some place he wanted to go…  I helped him with direction and he told me - Thanks and  “Sorry to disturb your dream”

Strange rite… dreams merging to reality….. I’m always astonished by the world for dreams….

Feel free to post your constructive comments. Watch out for more…

Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me. Republishing any items on this blog without the writers permission will be considered as violation of copyright acts

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