Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreams Unlimited - I Got Killed…

Dream 24I Got Killed

After quiet a long time I’m back with another dream.

I dreamed of me working in a cram school. During the lunch time, my friend G was waiting for me outside and its raining. We two walking under one umbrella and then I meet another friend of mine M. I told G – “Sorry, I cant come with you”  And I went with M.

Me and M went to a sea food restaurant. As soon as we enter the restaurant we saw the crab, shells and other fish where hanging on the walls. And I said - “No don’t eat here, it’s weird…” But he insisted to look around and we went upstairs and upstairs. There were so many floors. I kept going up faster then him.

When I reached the top, I found one old guy is moving some rocks and trying to block the stairs. I said - “Heyyy I am here, I have to get down.”  But he didn't even look at me, he kept moving the rocks to the stairs.

I jumped off the rock and my friend was still looking at those seafoods on the wall. Then suddenly – Boooooooooooooom..!!!!!!!
and I was killed. The whole building exploded and I was killed. Someone took my body home.

When I opened my eyes, I knew - I was a ghost. My family were all in living room. I went to them said - “Hey, I’m dead….”  But they don't seem to bother - My brother keeps watching TV…… My Dad keeps drinking tea…… and My Mom just walked away like she does not care…...

And I just know my sister did it…. She killed me…. She set the bomb....  I just came to know it now. I walked to her - her face looked so different in dream - more beautiful!!!

I just walked to her and slapped her.. slapped her two times 
and said - “How can you kill me…!!! You ruined my life...!!!”

Then I made a call to M to see if he is dead too? It was his friend who answered me, he said - “No M is not dead, but lot of injuries but he will recover.” Then I said - “Ok tell him - I'm dead……”       And I hang up the phone.

Then my boss in cram school called me and I was hesitating, if I should answer. Because I know I have to get back to work -- but I’m dead now. I was thinking what excuse to say to my boss. Then I picked the phone and pretend I'm the mother and said -“Oh she fainted away.. when she get sober I will ask her to go back to work.“

And the dream ends… 

Feel free to post your constructive comments. Watch out for more…

Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me. Republishing any items on this blog without the writers permission will be considered as violation of copyright acts.


Anupam Shrvastava said...

Nice Dream.

And i am very sad after your death & have fun with Angels.

Rusahn said...

i thought i have the most complicated dreams..... well now i agree that people get more complicated than me too... sometimes... awesome!!!