Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dreams Unlimited - Being Chased Till I Pee

Dream 22 – Being Chased Till I Pee

After a long time my special person has shared some dreams with me. Trying to write it now..

Dream starts with me and my friend Anita in a woman shop. It is Anita’s shop. I just go there to help her out in the shop.

One guy came to return some item he purchased and wanted refund. I look at his receipt and told him – no way, because its been 7days and return policy is effective only for 7 days. So no refund after a week. But he insisted on getting his refund. I said –” No no no… Never..” He got angry and I screamed at him.

He got pissed off because of this and suddenly he shot a thick needle to Anita’s face, on her cheek. Then she cried out to me – “Oh my god this guy is a Mafiaaa…. Run, run…” I started running…. He and his guys started chasing me and oh my god –Anita is already dead, after she got that shot :(

I started running fast and they were chasing me behind. Everywhere I ran, the people there got the same shot and all are dead..

They were amazing, they shot the needle at the same time and  which came flying to the target’s cheek perfectly… and landed on the same place on the cheek.

I kept running, I saw a school and  ran to a classroom, pretending I’m one of the students there. But they knew I’m there, and they shot all the students, except me. I managed to run and escape again, I'm lucky again . I saw Anita's tomb on the way
and kept running.

Then I saw a toilet, I took off my pants and started to pee, damn… I did really pee,  which broke my sleep and then I woke up screaming and ran to my toilet cause I felt myself almost peeing in real on bed…. haha haha…. :)

And my dream ends…

Feel free to post your constructive comments. Watch out for more…

Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me. Republishing any items on this blog without the writers permission will be considered as violation of copyright acts.

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