Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Dream

My First Dream - 1

Welcome to all new followers on the blog… Its great to see people joining in. Inspires me to write more, write often….

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas….. and looking forward to a Happy New Year…!!! My wishes to all my followers and the readers.

Its been long I have penned something, mostly due to the busy schedule. Well what’s a more better way to restart by sharing ‘My own’ dream :) Wondering whose dreams where those that I wrote earlier? Well then, maybe you missed to read the disclaimer in them. :)

When the dream starts I find myself between a crowd of people. They are all busy doing their own personal stuff – Some where talking on cell phone, some were talking to each other, Some were reading book.

Then I see one person is running towards me. He got something in his hands, look like a paper/note. He reaches me and hands over that paper to me and says, the king has send this for me. I was shocked to hear about a king in the era of cell phones… :)  I ask him, oh where is king. He point far away and says – you can see there…

I see a bright light coming from the the side and I see a kingly looking guy walks out and calls me near him. Once I reach him he says – now read the note in the paper. I go ahead and look at the the note, I feel a jitter, a shake while reading the note and my dream breaks…

I hope I can continue this dream and I can read what exactly was written over there in the note.

Keep watching……


Disclaimer: These are my personal dreams, Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Republishing any items on this blog without the writers permission will be considered as violation of copyright acts.

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