Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dreams Unlimited - Alice...

Dream 9 - Alice

Foundation pack is something that every girl knows, it used by girls for makeup.

Today I dreamt of a pool of foundation pack. Ya, a 'pool full of foundation'.... And I was inside that pool and moving around and playing.. suddenly my head got hurt because I bumped into a stone. The stone was as the same color of foundation.

Then I said to the stone - I will break you, you stupid stone. Then I remember myself drinking the foundation pack from the pool, I kept on drinking it without doing anything really to 'break' the stone.

Then I don't know how and why, I remembered a name - Alice. I started to think - Is Alice a girl or Is Alice a butterfly ? I was getting confused - who is Alice.. Butterfly or girl? huh.... Thinking this I started to walk and I reached my aunt's house.

Wow I see there is barbeque in my aunt's house. My aunt came and told me to sit.. and she came and sat next to me... Then I see something.. And pointing my finger to a meat piece, I ask my aunt - "Is this Alice...?" and my aunt replies -- "No its not Alice, she is already been eaten..." then I say - Oh... then I can eat this ? And my aunt responds -- No no.. you can't eat it, you can only eat the bean...

I get sad that I dont get to eat the meat... I was so hungry too, so I started to eat the bean... Many of my aunts guests passed by me and I said hello and greeted them and then go back to eating my beans..

Then someone tap me from back on my shoulder and I turn around and see a girl standing there, she smiled at me. I see she had a plate in her hand and it had some meat pieces. I had never seen her before in any of our previous gatherings... So I asked her who is she.. She smiled and asked me - Do you wanna have some meat? I said sure... It was delicious and after eating I asked her name again.. and she says - Alice.

Suddenly my aunt calls my name from behind and I turn around to look at her and then I again turn back to see Alice. But she is gone...too fast... like a butterfly.....

And someone tap my shoulder again and I turn back to see my friend waking me up from my sleep (and dream) ....

Feel free to post your constructive comments. Watch out for more - Everyday New real dreams..... :)

Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....
Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me.

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