Monday, June 22, 2009

Dreams Unlimited – Earth Control...

Dream 19 – Earth Control

Today I dreamt that I’m controlling 4 little earths. I was sitting in the big control room with many buttons and screens with lot of stars around me, watching and monitoring the 4 little earths.

Six old men and one old woman lived in one earth. I see some sadness coming from that earth and one monitor blinks the message – “Beep Beep.. Sadness in earth # 2”. Then I went down to that earth and talk to them. They were spinning and they looked like ancient politicians.

They stopped spinning when they saw me. All the men look like drunk. One old man and one old woman were together sitting in the floor. I went to them and found the old man is sad because he always mix up his dynasty, he don't remember which dynasty he come from. He wanted me to help him recognize his dynasty.

He started showing me the way he greets to the king. Bend down on knees towards the wall and said – Great King…

When I walk next to him, he shouts - “You should also bend down, all have to bend down for king.” Then I said - “You are just giving example of how you greet king, why should I bend down?” Then he gets sad again. I told him – Ok, don't be sad, Does not matter which time or dynasty you are from, at least you are the youngest old man of all.

Then I turn to the old woman…Dammnnn.. she was so scary and ugly looking. Her hair and face are like stripes on them. Her hairs were flying and spinning, as if there is wind around them. Looking very scary and ugly. Then she says - “I have to show you my time of dynasty also. But not the greeting, but in hair style.”

Then she started fixing her hair, hmmm.. like Japanese woman style. Then I see her hair became beautiful and her face  changed too. It was looking better now.

Then I tell them - “Ok time for me to leave. Don’t be sad, it effects the control system. It’s difficult to travel all way from there to fix it, specially in the time of recession when globally there is a travel freeze.” [ha ha ha ha recession in dream also.] Then when I’m about to leave, I find that I’m not able to get out of this earth to control other earths..oh my goodness..

Then I see myself rolling and laughing in my bed with my friend… and the dream ends..

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Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me.


Anonymous said...

that was totally awesome! you know, i am starting to wonder about the dreamer. i bet this person is equally interesting too...when he/she is awake. the dreamer never fails to amuse me ;)

Rudy said...

Thanks Anonymous - Passed on your feedback to the dreamer too. And the dreamer has thanked you back :)