Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dreams Unlimited – Couple, Kids and Me

Dream 20 – Couple, Kids and Me

Today I dream of a couple – one guy and his wife is Aishwariya. They were walking in the airport. The flight attendant comes and tells the guy – You are still here.. Your mom already got on the plane. Suddenly the guy gets very furious and beat the flight attendant.. beat her till her hair turns purple… Ash was just standing aside with anger.

After few years their baby is born – a boy baby, but ugly looking one.  Suddenly another boy jump out and says to me – he is their real kid. I don't know whom to believe.

Then the boy kidnap me and my friend. He feed us with corn, lot of corn… and force us and we had to keep eating. Then he get a little pretty girl. She is his corn genius girl, because she takes of corn and its quality.

Then one more boy emerge and say he is also the couple’s kid. He started giving speech to all and said – he will beat down the fake boy and save his grandma..

Then I see myself in a big taxi with my mom in turkey and our taxi hit a running horse and the taxi is broken. We try to get out of the taxi and see that the sun is very hot very hot there.. I step out from the taxi and feet get burns and I shout….. and I woke up feeling the burnt foot.

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Thanks again to that very special person for sharing....


Disclaimer: These are not my personal dreams, but of a very special person, written as explained and narrated to me.